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Dr Sally Organ

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Engineering & Innovation
  • sally.organ


Morphology and growth of a hydroxybutyrate oligomer with 24 repeat units (2006-07-12)
Organ, S.J.; Li, J.; Terry, A. E. and Barham, P. J.
Polymer, 47(15) (pp. 5513-5522)
Crystallization of hydroxybutyrate oligomers. Part 3. Unfolding transitions followed in real time using SAXS and WAXS (2004-12)
Li, J.; Organ, S.J.; Terry, A.E.; Hobbs, J.K. and Barham, P.J.
Polymer, 45(26) (pp. 8937-8947)
Crystallization of hydroxybutyrate oligomers. Part 2. Growth and thickening of solution grown crystals observed in situ using synchrotron radiation (2004-12)
Organ, S.J.; Li, J.; Terry, A.E.; Hobbs, J.K. and Barham, P.J.
Polymer, 45(26) (pp. 8925-8936)
Crystallization of hydroxybutyrate oligomers: 1. morphology and folding (2004-12)
Li, J.; Organ, Sally; Hobbs, J.K.; Terry, A.E.; Barham, P.J. and Seebach, D.
Polymer, 45(26) (pp. 8913-8923)
Reorganization and melting of polyethylene single crystals: Complementary TEM, DSC, and real-time AFM studies (2004-06)
Organ, Sally J.; Hobbs, Jamie K. and Miles, Mervyn J.
Macromolecules, 37(12) (pp. 4562-4572)
In situ synchrotron study of the solution crystallization of ultralong alkanes from dilute solution (2003-05)
Terry, A.E.; Hobbs, J.K.; Organ, S.J. and Barham, P.J.
Polymer, 44(10) (pp. 3001-3008)

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