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Dr Sabrina Gaertner

Profile summary

  • Visiting Informal Academic
  • Honorary Associate
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Physical Sciences

Professional biography




PhD in physics within the “Bonn Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy” at the University of Cologne:

Thesis title: “Influence of Internal States on Ion-Molecule Reactions in a Temperature Variable 22-Pole Ion Trap - Spectroscopy and Reaction Kinetics”


Diploma in physics at the University of Cologne:

Thesis title: “Charakterisierung einer Ionen-Wolke in einem kalten 22-Pol Ionenspeicher”

Area of specialization: laboratory astrophysics

Elective subjects: general analytical chemistry, physical chemistry



Since 2014

Open University - Laboratory Astrochemistry:

Understanding planet formation: Investigation of microgravity collisions (dust and ice aggregates between 80 and 300 K).

Porosity of instellar ice: Neutron scattering experiments to understand the structural properties of interstellar ice analogues.

2007 - 2014

University of Cologne - Laboratory Astrophysics:

Deuterium fractionation: Reaction dynamics and spectroscopy of small hydrogen (H3+ isotologues) and hydrocarbon ions (CH3+, C2H2+ isotologues) that are key to the observed enhancement of deuterium in interstellar molecules, using a temperature variable 22-pole ion trap.



Since 2014

Open University:

Tutor for lecture on practical science

regularly presentations and workshops in different public outreach events

2005 - 2014

University of Cologne:

Tutor for different lectures and lab courses, lab course coordination

regularly presentations and experiments in different public outreach events

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