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Miss Rhian Chapman

Profile summary

  • Research Student
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • rhian.chapman

Professional biography

I am currently in my third year of postgraduate study within the Planetary Environments Group at The Open University.

After completing my MPhys in Astrophysics (Cardiff University) I worked in industry for a number of years before returning to academia.

Research interests

I am investigating the formation of small and regional dust storms on Mars, their influence on the Martian climate, and their potential impact on future Mars lander missions. I am studying the processes by which dust is lifted from the Martian surface, and how these dust lifting processes are represented within the UK Mars Global Circulation Model (MGCM).

Interests: planetary atmospheres, climate modelling, numerical simulation.


Diurnal Variation in Martian Dust Devil Activity (2017-02-01)
Chapman, R. M.; Lewis, S. R.; Balme, M. and Steele, L. J.
Icarus, 292 (pp. 154-167)
The Effect of Model Resolution on Wind-Stress Dust Lifting Within the LMD/UK Mars Global Circulation Model (2016-12-14)
Chapman, R. M.; Lewis, S. R.; Balme, M. and Steele, L. J.
In : 6th International Workshop on the Mars Atmosphere: Modelling and Observations (17 - 20 January 2017, Granada, Spain)
How Do Martian Dust Devils Vary Throughout the Sol? (2016-12-13)
Chapman, Rhian; Lewis, Stephen; Balme, Matthew and Steele, Liam
In : AGU Fall Meeting 2016 (12 - 17 December 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA)
Martian Dust Devils: When to Watch for Them (2016-01-22)
Chapman, R. M.; Lewis, S. R.; Balme, M. and Steele, L. J.
In : UKPF 13th Annual Early Career Scientists' Meetings (22 January 2016, Leicester)
Investigating the Martian atmosphere using the ExoMars 2016 lander (2015-05-15)
Chapman, R. M.; Lewis, S. R.; Balme, M. R. and Steele, L. J.
In : 4th UK in Aurora Programme Meeting (15 May 2015, London)

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