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Cover Feature: Crystallites and Electric Fields in Solid Ammonia (2020-10)
Cassidy, Andrew; James, Rachel L.; Dawes, Anita and Field, David
ChemistryOpen, 9(10) (pp. 976-976)

Systematic investigation of CO2 : NH3 ice mixtures using mid-IR and VUV spectroscopy – part 1: thermal processing (2020)
James, Rachel L.; Ioppolo, Sergio; Hoffmann, Søren V.; Jones, Nykola C.; Mason, Nigel J. and Dawes, Anita
RSC Advances, 10(61) (pp. 37515-37528)

VUV spectroscopy of an electron irradiated benzene : carbon dioxide interstellar ice analogue (2019)
James, Rachel L.; Jones, Nykola C.; Hoffmann, Søren V. and Dawes, Anita
RSC Advances, 9(10) (pp. 5453-5459)