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Dr Nicole Lotz

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Lecturer in Design
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Engineering & Innovation
  • nicole.lotz

Professional biography

I joined the Open University as a Lecturer in Design in 2008. Before, I was Research Associate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University school of Design. I've also worked as design consultant for various agencies and companies in Germany and Hong Kong. I have earned my PhD from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2008. I wrote my thesis on 'Design patterns for cross-cultural collaboration'. My research interests remain in this area.


Ph.D. Design Patterns for Cross-Cultural Collaboration: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2008)

Dipl.Des/MDes in Communication Design: Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany (2002)

Exhibitions and Awards

2003: Participant in the Exhibition “Times like these” with the video installation “Alltagsmutationen - Mutations” Goethe Institute, Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2001: Junior Award "Best German Book Design 2000" with the book "Koerpertransparent", Deutsche Buch Guilde, Frankfurt, Germany

2000: Participant in the Exhibition "Village Gutenberg" " with the video installation "…und wieder", Mainz, Germany


CONVIVIO - The European User-Centred Design Network

IxDA - Interaction Design Association

DRS - Design Research Society

Research interests

My research interests include investigations of cultural factors, collaboration and best practice in designing. I currently supervise 2 PhD students, with one completed supervision. Andreas Peter looked at prototyping in design collaboration and graduated in 2015. Iain Aitchison investigates curricula development in design education and Tanveer Ahmed considers the inequalities in fashion design education. I am happy to supervise PhD students in subjects that broadly align with my interest framed by current and par projects.

Are we making progress? Progression through learners’ interaction in OpenStudio across a qualification (2015 - ongoing)

This OU internally funded project (eSTEeM, 6k) looks at learners' engagement with the online design community 'Open Design Studio' across the Design and Innovation qualification at the Open University.

Unite: Novice interaction design behaviour in different cultures (2011 - 2013)

This Leverhulme funded project (86k) investigates novice interaction design behaviour in the UK and Botswana. We conducted protocol studies to investigate patterns of behaviour and diary studies to look at socio-cultural factors in designing in both cultures. Background information about this project can be found here.

ARCHI (2010 - 2012)

This EU funded project investigates 'Architectural and Design based Education and Practice through Content & Language Integrated Learning using Immersive Virtual Environments for 21st Century Skills'. More information can be found at

Atelier-D (2008 - 2010)

This JISC funded project looked at the development of a virtual design studio space to support student learning throughout the Design programme of the Open University. More information can be found at the Atelier-D website and at JISC.

Design pattern Wikis

In long term projects, I try to further develop various design patterns collections. I set up several wikis to encourage academics and professionals, who had experiences with collaboration across cultures, learning design or self-directed learning, to share recurring problems and success stories in design patterns format.

I maintain several Wikis on design patterns

- in Cross-cultural collaboration

- in Learning design

- in self-directed learning

and a Cloudscape on design pedagogy.


Teaching interests

In my teaching, I am involved, to some degree, in all our core Design and Innovation Qualification modules. I took part in the production of the groundbreaking Design Thinking module - U101, and I am now presentation chair for U101. I was presentation chair for Design and Designing - T211 until 2012. I was part of the production team of the third level module Innovation: Designing for change - T317.

Previously I have gained teaching experience in Hong Kong, at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and in the CONVIVIO international interaction design summer school in Romania.

Impact and engagement

Building stories (2013)

I was Academic Advisor for 3 interactive stories shown on OpenLearn that are based on a 3-part BBC documentary 'Brits Who build the World' broadcasted in 2014.

I have worked with Botho University in Botswana, and currently establish a network with NOUN, the National Open University of Nigeria. 


The influence of cognitive style, design setting and cultural background on sketch-based ideation by novice interaction designers (2017)
Lotz, Nicole and Sharp, Helen
The Design Journal, 20(3) (pp. 333-356)
A process model for developing learning design patterns with international scope (2014-06-06)
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Educational Technology Research and Development, 62(3) (pp. 293-314)
Team design communication patterns in e-learning design and development (2013-08)
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Disziplinen der Produktentwicklung aus der Perspektive des angelsächsischen Raums (2011-03-24)
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Out of sight, out of mind: curriculum representation in design education today (2015-06-28)
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In : 3rd International Conference for Design Education Researchers (28-30 June 2015, Chicago, Il, USA) (pp. 1536-1551)
Framing behaviours in novice interaction designers (2014-06)
Lotz, Nicole; Sharp, Helen; Woodroffe, Mark; Blyth, Richard; Rajah, Dino and Ranganai, Turugare
In : DRS 2014: Design's Big Debates. (16-19 June 2014, Umeå, Sweden) (pp. 1178-1190)
A protocol study of novice interaction design behaviour in Botswana: solution-driven interaction design (2013-09)
Sharp, Helen; Lotz, Nicole; Blyth, Richard; Woodroffe, Mark; Rajah, Dino and Ranganai, Turugare
In : BCS HCI Conference 2013 (9-13 September 2013, London)
Co-evolving problems and solutions: The case of novice interaction designers in Botswana and the UK (2013-08)
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In : IASDR (26-30 August, Tokyo, Japan) (pp. 1004-1015)
The effect of prototyping material on verbal and non-verbal behaviours in collaborative design tasks (2013-08)
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Design and communication patterns observed in an eLearning design team: A case-study (2010-06-29)
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Cross-cultural collaboration Wiki: evolving knowledge about international teamwork (2009-02-20)
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