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Professor Nigel Cross

Profile summary

  • Visiting Informal Academic
  • Emeritus Professor
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Engineering & Innovation
  • nigel.cross


A brief history of the Design Thinking Research Symposium series (2018-07)
Cross, Nigel
Design Studies, 57 (pp. 160-164)
Developing design as a discipline (2018)
Cross, Nigel
Journal of Engineering Design, 29(12) (pp. 691-708)
Solution driven versus problem driven design: strategies and outcomes (2006-09)
Kruger, Corinne and Cross, Nigel
Design Studies, 27(5) (pp. 527-548)
Expertise in design: an overview (2004-09)
Cross, Nigel
Design Studies, 25(5) (pp. 427-441)
Creativity in the design process: co-evolution of problem–solution (2001-09)
Dorst, Kees and Cross, Nigel
Design Studies, 22(5) (pp. 425-437)
Can a machine design? (2001)
Cross, Nigel
Design Issues, 17(4) (pp. 44-50)
Designerly ways of knowing: design discipline versus design science (2001)
Cross, Nigel
Design Issues, 17(3) (pp. 49-55)
Achieving pleasure from purpose: the methods of Kenneth Grange, product designer (2001)
Cross, Nigel
Design Journal, 4(1) (pp. 48-58)
Intelligent support for communication in design teams: garment shape specifications in the knitwear industry (2000-01)
Eckert, Claudia M.; Cross, Nigel and Johnson, Jeffrey H.
Design Studies, 21(1) (pp. 99-112)
Design Research: a disciplined conversation (1999-07)
Cross, Nigel
Design Issues, 15(2) (pp. 5-10)
Natural intelligence in design (1999-01)
Cross, Nigel
Design Studies, 20(1) (pp. 25-39)
Creativity in design: analyzing and modeling the creative leap (1997)
Cross, Nigel
Leonardo, 30(4) (pp. 311-317)
Descriptive models of creative design: application to an example (1997)
Cross, Nigel
Design Studies, 18(4) (pp. 427-440)
Winning by design: the methods of Gordon Murray, racing car designer (1996-01)
Cross, Nigel and Clayburn Cross, Anita
Design Studies, 17(1) (pp. 91-107)
The nature and nurture of design ability (1990-07)
Cross, Nigel
Design Studies, 11(3) (pp. 127-140)
Designerly ways of knowing (1982-10)
Cross, Nigel
Design Studies, 3(4) (pp. 221-227)
Design Thinking: Understanding How Designers Think and Work (2011-04-01)
Cross, Nigel
ISBN : 9781847886378 | Publisher : Berg Publishers | Published : Oxford
Engineering Design Methods: Strategies for Product Design (4th ed.) (2008-04)
Cross, Nigel
ISBN : 978-0-470-51926-4 | Publisher : John Wiley & Sons | Published : Chichester
Designerly Ways of Knowing (2007-10)
Cross, Nigel
Board of International Research in Design
ISBN : 978-3-7643-8484-5 | Publisher : Birkhauser | Published : Basel
Expertise in Professional Design (2018-08-01)
Cross, Nigel
In: Ericsson, K. Anders; Hoffman, Robert R.; Kozbelt, Aaron and Williams, A. Mark eds. Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance (2nd ed) (pp. 372-388)
ISBN : 9781107137554 | Publisher : Cambridge University Press | Published : Cambridge
Understanding design thinking (2010-12)
Cross, Nigel
In: Guerrini, Luca ed. Notes on Doctoral Research in Design: Contributions from the Politecnico di Milano. Serie di architettura e design. Strumenti (pp. 19-38)
ISBN : 9788856835137 | Publisher : FrancoAngeli | Published : Milan
From a design science to a design discipline: understanding designerly ways of knowing and thinking (2007-08)
Cross, Nigel
In: Michel, Ralf ed. Design Research Now: Essays and Selected Projects (pp. 41-54)
ISBN : 978-3-7643-8471-5 | Publisher : Birkhauser | Published : Basel
The nature and nurture of design ability (2002)
Cross, Nigel
In: Owen-Jackson, Gwyneth ed. Design and Technology in Secondary Schools
ISBN : 415260736 | Publisher : Routledge
Creative cognition in design: processes of exceptional designers (2002)
Cross, Nigel
In: Hewett, Tom and Kavanagh, Terence eds. Creativity and cognition (pp. 14-19)
ISBN : 1 58113 465 7 | Publisher : ACM Press | Published : New York, USA
Design cognition: results from protocol and other empirical studies of design activity (2001-02-01)
Cross, Nigel
In: Eastman, C.; Newstatter, W. and McCracken, M. eds. Design knowing and learning: cognition in design education (pp. 79-103)
ISBN : 0 08043868 7 | Publisher : Elsevier | Published : Oxford, UK
Analysing design behaviour: The design thinking research symposia series (2007)
Lloyd, Peter; McDonnell, Janet and Cross, Nigel
In : Proceedings of 2nd International Association of Design Research Societies (IASDR) Conference (12-15 Nov 2007, Hong Kong)

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