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[Book Review] Meera Subramanian: A river runs again - India’s natural world in crisis, from the barren cliffs of Rajasthan to the farmlands of Karnataka (2016-04)
Clark, Norman
Food Security, 8(2) (pp. 463-465)
Putting research into use: A market failure approach (2012-04-01)
Clark, Norman; Frost, Andy; Maudlin, Ian; Seward, Paul; Wainwright, Henry and Ward, Andrew
International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development, 10, Article 1(3) (pp. 185-200)
What do complex adaptive systems look like and what are the implications for innovation policy? (2010-04)
Hall, Andy and Clark, Norman
Journal of International Development, 22(3) (pp. 308-324)
Below the radar: a fresh approach to innovation and development policy (2009-01)
Clark, Norman and Chataway, Joanna
International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development, 8(3) (pp. 171-175)
Below the radar: What does innovation in emerging economies have to offer other low-income economies? (2009)
Kaplinsky, Raphael; Chataway, Jo; Hanlin, Rebecca; Clark, Norman; Kale, Dinar; Muraguri, Lois; Papaioannou, Theo; Robbins, Peter and Wamae, Watu
International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development, 8(3) (pp. 177-197)
Institutional change and innovation capacity: contrasting experiences of promoting small scale irrigation technology in South Asia (2007-09-17)
Hall, Andy; Clark, Norman and Naik, Guru
International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development, 6(2) (pp. 77-101)
Livestock R&D in East and Southern Africa: An innovation systems perspective with special reference to the International Livestock Research Institute (2007-05)
Clark, Norman; Smith, James and Hirvonen, Maija
International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development, 6(1) (pp. 9-24)
Research as capacity building: the case of an NGO facilitated post-harvest innovation system for the Himalayan Hills (2003-09)
Clark, Norman; Hall, Andy; Sulaiman, Rasheed and Naik, Guru
World Development, 31(11) (pp. 1845-1863)
Biotechnology and development: threats and promises for the 21st century (2002-11)
Clark, Norman; Stokes, Kathryn and Mugabe, John
Futures, 34(9-10) (pp. 785-806)
Innovation systems, institutional change and the new knowledge market: implications for third world agricultural development (2002-06)
Clark, Norman
Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 11(4-5) (pp. 353-368)
Some New Approaches to Evolutionary Economics (1988-06)
Clark, Norman
Journal of Economic Issues, 22(2) (pp. 511-531)
Technology Development Assistance for Agriculture; Putting research into use in low income countries (2013-04-18)
Clark, Norman; Frost, Andy; Maudlin, Ian and Ward, Andrew
Routledge Explorations in Development Studies
ISBN : 978-0-415-82697-6 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon
Biotechnology Policy in Africa (2007-01)
Clark, Norman; Mugabe, John and Smith, James
ISBN : 9966411488 | Publisher : African Centre for Technology Studies | Published : Nairobi
Putting Research into Use (RIU): Technology Development for the Poor Farmer in Low Income countries (2013-05)
Clark, Norman G.
In: Daniel, Oscar ed. The World Financial Review (pp. 40-47)
Publisher : The World Financial Review Publishing | Published : London
Innovation Systems and Agricultural Development in Africa : A Capacity Building Needs Assessment (2005-09-29)
Clark, Norman
In : International Livestock Research Institute (29 September 2005)
Below the radar: What does innovation in the asian driver economies have to offer other low income economies (2009)
Clark, Norman; Chataway, Joanna; Hanlin, Rebecca; Kale, Dinar; Kaplinsky, Raphael; Muraguri, Lois; Papaioannou, Theo; Robbins, Peter and Wamae, Watu
Economic and Social Research Council
Research into use Sierra Leone country assessment report (2007-03-05)
Clark, Norman; Mansaray, Patrick; Sheriff, Sima and Suale, David
Department for International Development
Andhra Pradesh Netherlands Biotechnology Programme for dyland agriulture: Mid-term evaluation of second phase (2005-10)
Khush, Gurdev S.; Nagarajan, S; Tuli, Rakesh and Clark, Norman

Science policy and agricultural research in Africa: a capacity building needs assessment (2005-01)
Clark, Norman
The economic content of science and technology policy analysis (2004-06)
Clark, Norman
Xavier Management Institute
A review of the programme and organisation of the African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS) network (2001-12)
Mugabe, John and Clark, Norman

What can biotechnology do for Africa? And how can the associated risks and uncertainty be managed? (2001-03)
Clark, Norman
African Technology Policy Studies Network, Nairobi, Kenya.
Cyprus Technology Strategy (1988)
Clark, N.; Edquist, C.; Kaplinsky, R. and Pimentel, D.
UNDP/OPE and Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK.

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