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Dr Mark Woodroffe

Profile summary

  • Visiting Formal Academic
  • Visiting Fellow
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Computing & Communications
  • mark.woodroffe

Professional biography

Dr Mark Woodroffe is Head of Department, Computing and Communications, The Open University. He completed his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Essex, UK and has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate Computing students for the past 27 years.

Research interests

Mark's current research is in the area of novice interaction design behaviour.

Teaching interests

Mark chaired the production of the postgraduate module: M873 User Interface Design and Evaluation. He is currently a module team member for M364 Fundamentals of Interaction Design, and part of the team producing TM356 Interaction Design and User Experience.


User Interface Design and Evaluation (2005)
Stone, Debbie; Jarrett, Caroline; Woodroffe, Mark and Minocha, Shailey
Morgan Kaufmann Series in Interactive Technologies
ISBN : 978-0-12-088436-0 | Publisher : Morgan Kaufman | Published : San Francisco
Framing behaviours in novice interaction designers (2014-06)
Lotz, Nicole; Sharp, Helen; Woodroffe, Mark; Blyth, Richard; Rajah, Dino and Ranganai, Turugare
In : DRS 2014: Design's Big Debates. (16-19 Jun 2014, Umeå, Sweden) (pp. 1178-1190)
A protocol study of novice interaction design behaviour in Botswana: solution-driven interaction design (2013-09)
Sharp, Helen; Lotz, Nicole; Blyth, Richard; Woodroffe, Mark; Rajah, Dino and Ranganai, Turugare
In : BCS HCI Conference 2013 (9-13 Sep 2013, London)
Co-evolving problems and solutions: The case of novice interaction designers in Botswana and the UK (2013-08)
Lotz, Nicole; Sharp, Helen; Woodroffe, Mark; Richard, Blyth; Rajah, Dino and Ranganai, Turugare
In : IASDR (26-30 Aug, Tokyo, Japan) (pp. 1004-1015)
A frame signature matrix for analysing and comparing interaction design behaviour (2012-09)
Blyth, Richard; Schadewitz, Nicole; Sharp, Helen; Woodroffe, Mark; Rajah, Dino and Turugare, Ranganai
In : BCS HCI Conference (12-14 Sep 2012, Birmingham)

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