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Mr Matthew Gascoyne


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Impact and engagement


  • Formal presentation & talk given at the First Conference of the International Society for Atmospheric Research using Remotely-piloted Aircraft (ISARRA 2013). Subject: "Maximising scientific return by combining manned and unmanned airborne atmospheric measurements", February 2013, February 2013
  • Student Mentor at the NCAS Measurement Summer School (Arran 2013), September 2013., September 2013
  • Co-Hosted a visit of the Milton Keynes Broughton Scout Group. With supervised guided tours of the facility and a Q/A session where the scouts could ask questions about the Atmospheric Research Aircraft and the type of science conducted., July 2014
  • NERC Open Day event, hosted by BGS Keyworth. Representing NCAS science and the Facility for Airbourne Atmospheric Measurements., June 2015
  • Student Mentor at the NCAS Measurement Summer School (Arran 2015), May 2015
  • NERC "Discovery in London". Scientific & Public Community Engagement. Presenting the research and facilities of NCAS as well as "Science Busking" on London's Lower Embankment., October 2015