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Dr Julia Semprich

Profile summary

Professional biography

I have recently joined AstrobiologyOU as a Research Fellow. 


Research interests

My research covers a range of crustal processes on Earth and other planetary bodies in our Solar system from surface gas-rock interactions on Venus to understanding rock properties of deep crustal rocks and melting processes. Modeling the interaction of fluids with rock compositions in various environments such as in the subsurface of Mars or on Icy Moons is of special interest to explore the possibilities for habitable environments in our Solar System and is therefore my main focus within AstrobiologyOU. 


Venus: A phase equilibria approach to model surface alteration as a function of rock composition, oxygen- and sulfur fugacities (2020)
Semprich, Julia; Filiberto, Justin and Treiman, Allan H.
Icarus, 346, Article 113779

High‐pressure metamorphic mineralogy of the Martian crust with implications for density and seismic profiles (2020)
Semprich, Julia and Filiberto, Justin
Meteoritics & Planetary Science ((Early access))