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Dr Jan Raack

Profile summary

  • Research Staff
  • Marie Curie Research Fellow
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • jan.raack


Water induced sediment levitation enhances downslope transport on Mars (2017-10-26)
Raack, Jan; Conway, Susan J.; Herny, Clémence; Balme, Matthew R.; Carpy, Sabrina and Patel, Manish R.
Nature Communications, 8, Article 1151
In Situ Sampling of Relative Dust Devil Particle Loads and Their Vertical Grain Size Distributions (2017-04)
Raack, Jan; Reiss, Dennis; Balme, Matthew R.; Taj-Eddine, Kamal and Ori, Gian Gabriele
Astrobiology ((Ahead of print))
Quantifying geological processes on Mars—Results of the high resolution stereo camera (HRSC) on Mars express (2015-07)
Jaumann, R.; Tirsch, D.; Hauber, E.; Ansan, V.; Di Achille, G.; Erkeling, G.; Fueten, F.; Head, J.; Kleinhans, M.G.; Mangold, N.; Michael, G.G.; Neukum, G.; Pacifici, A.; Platz, T.; Pondrelli, M.; Raack, J.; Reiss, D.; Williams, D.A.; Adeli, S.; Baratoux, D.; de Villiers, G.; Foing, B.; Gupta, S.; Gwinner, K.; Hiesinger, H.; Hoffmann, H.; Deit, L. Le; Marinangeli, L.; Matz, K.-D.; Mertens, V.; Muller, J.P.; Pasckert, J.H.; Roatsch, T.; Rossi, A.P.; Scholten, F.; Sowe, M.; Voigt, J. and Warner, N.
Planetary And Space Science, 112 (pp. 53-97)
Present-day seasonal gully activity in a south polar pit (Sisyphi Cavi) on Mars (2015-05)
Raack, Jan; Reiss, D.; Appéré, T.; Vincendon, M.; Ruesch, O. and Hiesinger, H.
Icarus, 251 (pp. 226-243)
Gullies and their relationships to the dust–ice mantle in the northwestern Argyre Basin, Mars (2012-05)
Raack, J.; Reiss, D. and Hiesinger, H.
Icarus, 219(1) (pp. 129-141)
Bright dust devil tracks on Earth: Implications for their formation on Mars (2011-01)
Reiss, D.; Raack, J. and Hiesinger, H.
Icarus, 211(1) (pp. 917-920)
First in-situ analysis of dust devil tracks on Earth and their comparison with tracks on Mars (2010-07-22)
Reiss, D.; Raack, J.; Rossi, A. P.; Di Achille, G. and Hiesinger, H.
Geophysical Research Letters, 37, Article L14203(14)

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