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Dr James Holmes

Profile summary

  • Research Staff
  • Post Doctoral Research Associate
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • james.holmes


The vertical transport of methane from different potential emission types on Mars (2017-08-14)
Holmes, J. A.; Patel, M. R. and Lewis, S. R.
Geophysical Research Letters ((Early Access))
On the link between martian total ozone and potential vorticity (2017-01)
Holmes, James A.; Lewis, Stephen R. and Patel, Manish R.
Icarus, 282 (pp. 104-117)
NOMAD spectrometer on the ExoMars trace gas orbiter mission: part 2—design, manufacturing, and testing of the ultraviolet and visible channel (2017)
Patel, Manish R.; Antoine, Philippe; Mason, Jonathon; Leese, Mark; Hathi, Brijen; Stevens, Adam H.; Dawson, Daniel; Gow, Jason; Ringrose, Timothy; Holmes, James; Lewis, Stephen R.; Beghuin, Didier; van Donink, Philip; Ligot, Renaud; Dewandel, Jean-Luc; Hu, Daohua; Bates, Doug; Cole, Richard; Drummond, Rachel; Thomas, Ian R.; Depiesse, Cédric; Neefs, Eddy; Equeter, Eddy; Ristic, Bojan; Berkenbosch, Sophie; Bolsée, David; Willame, Yannick; Vandaele, Ann Carine; Lesschaeve, Stefan; De Vos, Lieve; Van Vooren, Nico; Thibert, Tanguy; Mazy, Emmanuel; Rodriguez-Gomez, Julio; Morales, Rafael; Candini, Gian Paolo; Pastor-Morales, M. Carmen; Sanz, Rosario; Aparicio del Moral, Beatriz; Jeronimo-Zafra, José-Maria; Gómez-López, Juan Manuel; Alonso-Rodrigo, Gustavo; Pérez-Grande, Isabel; Cubas, Javier; Gomez-Sanjuan, Alejandro M.; Navarro-Medina, Fermín; BenMoussa, Ali; Giordanengo, Boris; Gissot, Samuel; Bellucci, Giancarlo and Lopez-Moreno, Jose Juan
Applied Optics, 56(10) (pp. 2771-2782)
On the Link between Martian Total Ozone and Potential Vorticity (2017-01-20)
Holmes, J. A.; Lewis, S. R. and Patel, M. R.
In : Sixth International Workshop on the Mars Atmosphere: Modelling and Observations (17-20 Jan 2017, Granada, Spain)
Potential vorticity and ozone in Martian polar regions (2016-09)
Holmes, J. A.; Lewis, S. R. and Patel, M. R.
In : The Sixth International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration (5th-9th September, 2016, University of Iceland, Reykjavik)

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