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Dr Julia Cooke

Professional biography

I am a plant ecologist, particularly interested in using traits to explore plant ecological strategies.

My main interest, building on my PhD research, is the functional ecology of plant silicon, that is, how plants use silicon.  I examined the role of silicon in the leaf dry mass economics spectrum, patterns in responses of stressed plants to silicon fertiliser, trade-offs between carbon and silicon herbivore defences in a natural system and the effect of silicon on leaf biomechanics.  In 2016 I co-edited two journal special issues Functional Ecology and Frontiers in Plant Sciences which review the state of play and exciting new research in plant silicon. Podcasts about my siliceous research are here and here.

Previously I taught at Macquarie Univeristy, Sydney, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  I was a post-doc with Prof. Angela Moles in her Big Ecology Lab at the University of New South Wales.   Using a huge dataset, I tested hypotheses about the distribution of simple vs compound leaves, and how plant trait variation relates to habitat variation.  As a post-doc with Prof. David Ellsworth at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at the University of Western Sydney, I examined the effects of elevated CO2 on photosynthesis in trees and grasses at the EucFACE facility, phosphorus recycling in photorespiration and explored and evaluated determinants of stomatal conductance in forest systems.  With Dr Ian Wright, I examined changes in relationships between leaf traits, biomass allocation and growth rates with ontogeny in savannah ecosystems.  

My earlier research on invasive species encompasses the introduction and spread and population dynamics of an Australian semi-arid weed, as well as carbon capture, growth and reproductive strategies of diverse weeds across the globe.  I have also worked on pitcher plants, Christmas trees and algal balls!

I am now a Lecturer in Ecology at The Open University where I contribute to modules across levels, postgraduate training and my reserach continues on plant silicon and ecological strategies spanning pollination, growth rates, responses to climate change, invasive species and plant-animal interactions.

Research interests

I am a plant functional ecologist, interested in the different roles species play in ecosystems. I use plant trait analysis as a powerful tool to compare the functions of different species and describe ecological strategies. 

In brief, my interests are:
  • Silicon functional ecology
  • Invasive plant biology
  • Plant-insect interactions
  • Plant trait analysis
  • Comparative ecology
  • Growth-trait relationships
  • Plant physiology and climate change

There is a video about my research and how it feeds into teaching at the OU here: 

Teaching interests

S112 Science: concepts and practice - I am a module team member, involved in writing and developing this module

S206/SXF206 Environmental Science - I contribute to field schools and fieldcasts


Elevated CO2 does not increase eucalypt forest productivity on a low-phosphorus soil (2017)
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Editorial: Plant Silicon Interactions between Organisms and the Implications for Ecosystems (2016-07-15)
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Frontiers in Plant Science, 7, Article 1001
Conserved stomatal behaviour under elevated CO2 and varying water availability in a mature woodland (2016-05)
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Functional Ecology, 30(5) (pp. 700-709)
The Christmas tree project: comparing the effects of five treatments on the health of cut Christmas trees (Pinus radiata, Pinaceae) (2016-02-05)
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The unusual occurrence of green algal balls of Chaetomorpha linum on a beach in Sydney, Australia. (2015-10)
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Botanica Marina, 58(5) (pp. 401-407)
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Evidence for shifts to faster growth strategies in the new ranges of invasive alien plants (2014-11)
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Population dynamics of the invasive, annual species, Carrichtera annua, in Australia (2012-12-03)
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Tradeoffs between foliar silicon and carbon-based defences: evidence from vegetation communities of contrasting soil types (2012-12)
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Silicon concentration and leaf longevity: is silicon a player in the leaf dry mass spectrum? (2011-11-09)
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Alleviation of abiotic stress by silicon: what can a meta-analysis of agricultural studies tell us about ecology? (2016-12-12)
Cooke, Julia and Leishman, Michelle R.
In : British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2016 (11 - 14 December 2016, Liverpool, UK)
Widening access to fieldwork with interactive livecasts (2016-09)
Cooke, Julia; Wheeler, Philip; Maseyk, Kadmiel and Collins, Trevor
In : Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase 2016 (12 -13 September 2016, Reading, UK)
Plant traits and stomatal sensitivity to water deficit contribute to optimising carbon-water economics in plants (2015-12)
Cooke, Julia; Bourne, Aimee; Medlyn, Belinda and Ellsworth, David
In : British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2015 (13 – 16 December, Edinburgh, UK)

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