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Recovering lost hay meadows: An overview of floodplain-meadow restoration projects in England and Wales (2020-12)
Rothero, Emma; Tatarenko, Irina and Gowing, David
Journal for Nature Conservation, 58, Article 125925

Protecting small populations of rare species. Case study on dactylorhiza viridis (orchidaceae) in Fancott Woods and Meadows SSSI, Bedfordshire, UK (2020)
Tatarenko, Irina; Dodd, Michael; Wallace, Hilary; Bellamy, Graham and Fleckney, Andy
Nature Conservation Research, 5(Suppl.1)

Having a break: Prolonged dormancy observed in a rare species, Fritillaria meleagris (2019)
Tatarenko, I.
Environment and Human: Ecological Studies, 9(3) (pp. 302-324)

Корнеотпрысковые растения: обзор возможной повестки [Root-sprouting plants: insight and agenda] (2019)
Жмылев, П. Ю.; Лазарева, Г. А.; Морозова, О. В. and Татаренко, И. В.
БЮЛ. МОСК. О-ВА ИСПЫТАТЕЛЕЙ ПРИРОДЫ. ОТД. БИОЛ [Bulletin of the Moscow Society of Naturalists. Department of Biology], 124(5) (pp. 40-54)

Biological Flora of the British Isles: Neottia cordata (2018-01)
Kotilínek, Milan; Tatarenko, Irina and Jersáková, Jana
Journal of Ecology, 106(1) (pp. 444-460)

Characterization of a Highly Biodiverse Floodplain Meadow Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing within a Plant Functional Trait Framework (2016-02-28)
Punalekar, Survarna; Verhoef, Anne; Tatarenko, Irina V.; van der Tol, Christiaan; Macdonald, David M.J.; Marchant, Benjamin; Gerard, France; White, Kevin and Gowing, David
Remote Sensing, 8(2) (p 112)

Two widespread green Neottia species (Orchidaceae) show mycorrhizal preference for Sebacinales in various habitats and ontogenetic stages (2015-03)
Těšitelová, Tamara; Kotilínek, Milan; Jersáková, Jana; Joly, François-Xavier; Košnar, Jiří; Tatarenko, Irina and Selosse, Marc-André
Molecular Ecology, 24(5) (pp. 1122-1134)

Гнездовка обыкновенная Neottia nidus-avis (2003)
Vakhrameeva, M. G.; Tatarenko, I. V.; Zhirnova, T. V.; Varlygina, T. I. and Timchenko, I. A.
Biological Flora of Moscow Province, 15 (pp. 43-55)

Атлас побегово-корневых модулей орхидных России и Японии [Atlas of root-stem modules of orchids from Russia and Japan] (2015-01)
Tatarenko, Irina
ISBN : 978-5-905742-77-4 | Publisher : Moderat | Published : Moscow

Орхидные России : (биология, экология и охрана) [Orchids of Russia : (biology, ecology and protection)] (2014-11)
Vakhrameeva, M. G.; Varlygina, T. I. and Tatarenko, I. V.
ISBN : 978-5-87317-997-8 | Publisher : Tovarischestvo nauchnikh izdaniy KMK | Published : Moscow

Orchids of Russia and Adjacent Countries (2008)
Vakhrameeva, M.G.; Tatarenko, I. V.; Varlygina, T.I.; Totosyan, G.K. and Zagulskii, M.N.
ISBN : 9783906166612 | Publisher : A.R.G. Gantner Verlag K.G.

A list of orchid books (2009-01-21)
Yam, Tim Wing; Singer, Benjamin; Hew, Choy Sin; Kull, Tiiu; Tatarenko, Irina and Arditti, Joseph
In: Kull, Tiiu; Arditti, Joseph and Wong, Sek Man eds. Orchid Biology (pp. 279-424)
ISBN : 978-1-4020-8802-5 | Publisher : Springer.

Time from pollination to fruit ripening, seed maturation, and germination (2007-12-04)
Yam, Tim Wing; Ghani, Abdul Karim Abdul; Ichihashi, Syoichi; Thame, Aung; Rao, Adisheshappa Nagaraja; Avadhani, Popuri Nageswara; Nair, Helen; Hew, Chou Sin; Arditti, Joseph and Tatarenko, Irina
In: Cameron, Kenneth M.; Arditti, Joseph and Kull, Tiiu eds. Orchid Biology: reviews and perspectives. Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden (95) (pp. 433-506)
ISBN : 978-0-89327-475-7 | Publisher : New York Botanical Garden Press

Bryophytes, lichens and cyanoprocaryotes in surroundings of Pyramiden (Svalbard): a concise guide-book (2015-08-04)
Dodd, Michael; Tatarenko, Irina and Koroleva, Natalia eds.
ISBN : 978-5-905048-89-0 | Publisher : Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute | Published : Apatity, Murmansk

Botanical Excursions on the Northern Soroya (Finnmark, Norway) (2013)
Dodd, M.; Tatarenko, I.; Sortland, A. and Tatarenko, E. eds.
ISBN : 978-82-93396-01-7 | Publisher : Hammerfest Kommune, Grafica AS | Published : Hammerfest

Флористические особенности пойменных лугов с Sanguisorba officinalis на географическом градиенте [Floristic features of floodplain meadows with Sanguisorba officinalis on a geographic gradient] (2019)
Паринова, Т.А.; Татаренко, И.В.; Волков, А.Г.; Чередниченко, О.В. and Щукина, К.В.
In : Floodplain and delta biocenoses of the Holarctic: biodiversity, ecology and evolution International scientific and practical conference (13-18 May 2019, Astrakhan, Russia) (pp. 127-131)

Restoration success of British floodplain meadows (2018)
Rothero, Emma and Tatarenko, Irina
In : Ecosystem and Habitat Management: Research, Policy, Practice (27-28 Mar 2018, University of Worcester) (pp. 139-148)

Re-assemblage of plant communities: a survey of floodplain meadow restoration projects in the UK (2018)
Tatarenko, Irina; Rothero, Emma and Wallace, Hilary
In : Proceedings of the II international conference "Systematic and floristic studies in Northern Eurasia" (on the 90th anniversary of Prof. A. G. Elenevsky) (5-8 Dec 2018, Moscow, Russia)