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Dr Igor Kraev

Profile summary

  • Academic Related Staff
  • Laboratory Manager (EM & Imaging)
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Deanery
  • Laboratory Support
  • igor.kraev

Professional biography

I have joined the Open University as the Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow in September 2008 for 1 year. After that I got Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Prof Michael Stewart's lab. Prior to that I was working as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Cell Biophysics (ICB) of  Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushchino, Russia).

Research interests

My main research interests are focused on synaptic plasticity in brain.

  • 3-dimenstional ultrastructural study of effect of stress and learning on synapses in hippocampus region of the brain.
  • Effect of aging on synaptic plasticity in brain.
  • Study of structural interaction between synapses and astroglial processes.
  • Investigation of the role of novel synaptic cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) in memory loss on ultrastructural level.


  • The Royal Society short visit grant (2007)
  • PENS Summer school travel grant (2007)
  • Russian President grant for young career researchers (2007, for 2 years). Investigation of structural interactions between synapses and astroglia.
  • The Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship (2008, for 1 year). Investigation of the role of novel synaptic cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) in memory loss on ultrastructural level.

Current project

High resolution 3-D reconstructions from brain tissue via Field Emission scanning electron microscopy in back scattered electron (BSE) imaging mode.

Current project is about development of long-time used in our lab 3-dimensional reconstruction method. 

Funded by BBSRC with collaboration with JEOL.

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Biomedical Research Network (BRN)NetworkFaculty of Science
Neuroscience Research GroupGroupFaculty of Science


Extracellular Vesicles from Cod (Gadus morhua L.) Mucus contain Innate Immune Factors and Deiminated Protein Cargo (2019-10)
Magnadóttir, Bergljót; Kraev, Igor; Guðmundsdóttir, Sigríður; Dodds, Alister W. and Lange, Sigrun
Developmental & Comparative Immunology, 99, Article 103397
Deiminated proteins in extracellular vesicles and plasma of nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) - Novel insights into shark immunity (2019-09-01)
Criscitiello, Michael F.; Kraev, Igor and Lange, Sigrun
Fish & Shellfish Immunology, 92 (pp. 249-255)
Peptidylarginine Deiminase Inhibitors Reduce Bacterial Membrane Vesicle Release and Sensitize Bacteria to Antibiotic Treatment (2019-06-27)
Kosgodage, Uchini S.; Matewele, Paul; Mastroianni, Giulia; Kraev, Igor; Brotherton, Dominik; Awamaria, Brigitte; Nicholas, Anthony P.; Lange, Sigrun and Inal, Jameel M.
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 9, Article 227
Cannabidiol Affects Extracellular Vesicle Release, miR21 and miR126, and Reduces Prohibitin Protein in Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells (2019-03)
Kosgodage, Uchini S.; Uysal-Onganer, Pinar; MacLatchy, Amy; Mould, Rhys; Nunn, Alistair V.; Guy, Geoffrey W.; Kraev, Igor; Chatterton, Nicholas P.; Thomas, E. Louise; Inal, Jameel M.; Bell, Jimmy D. and Lange, Sigrun
Translational Oncology, 12(3) (pp. 513-522)
Peptidylarginine Deiminases Post-Translationally Deiminate Prohibitin and Modulate Extracellular Vesicle Release and MicroRNAs in Glioblastoma Multiforme. (2019-01)
Kosgodage, Uchini S.; Uysal-Onganer, Pinar; MacLatchy, Amy; Kraev, Igor; Chatterton, Nicholas P.; Nicholas, Anthony P.; Inal, Jameel M. and Lange, Sigrun
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20(1)
Complement component C4-like protein in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) - Detection in ontogeny and identification of post-translational deimination in serum and extracellular vesicles (2019)
Lange, Sigrun; Kraev, Igor; Magnadóttir, Bergljót and Dodds, Alister W.
Developmental & Comparative Immunology ((Early Access))
Disentangling astroglial physiology with a realistic cell model in silico (2018-09-03)
Savtchenko, Leonid P.; Bard, Lucie; Jensen, Thomas P.; Reynolds, James P.; Kraev, Igor; Medvedev, Nikolay; Stewart, Michael G.; Henneberger, Christian and Rusakov, Dmitri A.
Nature Communications, 9, Article 3554(1)
Repeated intermittent oral amphetamine administration results in locomotor tolerance not sensitization (2018-08-01)
Turner, Amy C.; Stramek, Agata; Kraev, Igor; Stewart, Michael G.; Overton, Paul G. and Dommett, Eleanor J.
Journal of Psychopharmacology, 32(8) (pp. 949-954)
Chronic amphetamine enhances visual input to and suppresses visual output from the superior colliculus in withdrawal (2018-08)
Turner, Amy C.; Kraev, Igor; Stewart, Michael G.; Stramek, Agata; Overton, Paul G. and Dommett, Eleanor J.
Neuropharmacology, 138 (pp. 118-129)
Chronic amphetamine treatment affects collicular-dependent behaviour (2018-05-02)
Turner, Amy C.; Stramek, Agata; Kraev, Igor; Stewart, Michael G.; Overton, Paul G and Dommett, Eleanor J
Behavioural brain research, 343 (pp. 1-7)
Long Term Potentiation (LTP) and Long Term Depression (LTD) Cause Differential Spatial Redistribution of the Synaptic Vesicle Protein Synaptophysin in the Middle Molecular Layer of the Dentate Gyrus in Rat Hippocampus (2016-12-25)
Kraev, Igor V.; Chaudhury, Sraboni; Davies, Heather A.; Dallérac, Glenn; Doyère, Valérie and Stewart, Michael G.
Opera Medica et Physiologica, 2(3-4) (pp. 205-210)
Auditory responses in a rodent model of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (2015-12)
Brace, Louise R.; Kraev, Igor; Rostron, Claire L.; Stewart, Michael G.; Overton, Paul G. and Dommett, Eleanor J.
Brain Research, 1629 (pp. 10-25)
Generation of multi-innervated dendritic spines as a novel mechanism of long-term memory formation (2015-10)
Giese, Karl Peter; Aziz, Wajeeha; Kraev, Igor and Stewart, Michael G.
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 124 (pp. 48-51)
Altered visual processing in a rodent model of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (2015-09-10)
Brace, L. R.; Kraev, I.; Rostron, C. L.; Stewart, M. G.; Overton, P. G. and Dommett, E. J.
Neuroscience, 303 (pp. 364-377)
Hippocampal circuit dysfunction in the Tc1 mouse model of Down syndrome (2015-08-03)
Witton, Jonathan; Padmashri, Ragunathan; Zinyuk, Larissa E.; Popov, Victor I.; Kraev, Igor; Line, Samantha J.; Jensen, Thomas P.; Tedoldi, Angelo; Cummings, Damian M.; Tybulewicz, Victor L. J.; Fisher, Elizabeth M. C.; Bannerman, David M.; Randall, Andrew D.; Brown, Jonathan T.; Edwards, Frances A.; Rusakov, Dmitri A.; Stewart, Michael G. and Jones, Matt W.
Nature Neuroscience, 18 (pp. 1291-1298)
Dysfunctional Dopaminergic Neurones in Mouse Models of Huntington's Disease: A Role for SK3 Channels (2015-04-09)
Dallerac, G.M.; Levasseur, G.; Vatsavayai, S.C.; Milnerwood, A.J.; Cummings, D.M.; Kraev, I.; Huetz, C.; Evans, K.A.; Walters, S.W.; Rezaie, P.; Cho, Y.; Hirst, M.C. and Murphy, K.P.S.J.
Neurodegenerative Diseases, 15(2) (pp. 93-108)
Glia selectively approach synapses on thin dendritic spines (2014-10)
Medvedev, Nikolay; Popov, Victor; Henneberger, Christian; Kraev, Igor; Rusakov, Dmitri and Stewart, Michael
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 369, Article 20140047(1654)
Impaired hippocampal Neuroligin-2 Function by chronic stress or synthetic peptide treatment is linked to social deficits and increased aggression (2014-04-31)
van der Kooij, Michael A.; Fantin, Martina; Kraev, Igor; Korshunova, Irina; Grosse, Jocelyn; Zanoletti, Olivia; Guirado, Ramon; Garcia-Mompó, Clara; Nacher, Juan; Stewart, Michael; Berezin, Vladimir and Sandi, Carmen
Neuropsychopharmacology, 39(5) (pp. 1148-1158)
Early structural and functional defects in synapses and myelinated axons in stratum lacunosum moleculare in two preclinical models for tauopaty (2014-02-03)
Maurin, Hervé; Chong, Seon-Ah; Kraev, Igor; Davies, Heather; Kremer, Anna; Seymour, Claire Marie; Lechat, Benoit; Jaworski, Tomasz; Borghgraef, Peter; Devijver, Herman; Callewaert, Geert; Stewart, Michael G. and Van Leuven, Fred
Multiple spine boutons are formed after long-lasting LTP in the awake rat (2014)
Medvedev, Ni. I.; Dallérac, G.; Popov, V. I.; Rodriguez Arellano, J. J.; Davies, H. A.; Kraev, I. V.; Doyère, V. and Stewart, M. G.
Brain Structure & Function, 219(1) (pp. 407-414)
Forebrain CRF1 modulates early-life stress-programmed cognitive deficits (2011-09-21)
Wang, Xiao-Dong; Rammes, Gerhard; Kraev, Igor; Wolf, Miriam; Liebl, Claudia; Scharf, Sebastian. H.; Rice, Courtney. J.; Wurst, Wolfgang; Holsboer, Florian; Deussing, Jan. M.; Baram, Tallie. Z.; Stewart, Michael. G.; Muller, Marianne. B. and Schmidt, Mathias. V.
Journal of Neuroscience, 31(38) (pp. 13625-13634)
A peptide mimetic targeting trans-homophilic NCAM binding sites promotes spatial learning and neural plasticity in the hippocampus (2011-08)
Kraev, Igor; Henneberger, Christian; Rossetti, Clara; Conboy, Lisa; Kohler, Lene B.; Fantin, Martina; Jennings, Alistair; Venero, Cesar; Popov, Victor; Rusakov, Dmitri; Stewart, Michael; Bock, Elisabeth; Berezin, Vladimir and Sandi, Carmen
PLoS ONE, 6(8) (e23433)
Suspension of mitotic activity in dentate gyrus of the hibernating ground squirrel (2011)
Popov, Victor; Kraev, Igor V.; Ignat'ev, Dimitri and Stewart, Michael G.
Neural Plasticity, 2011
Alterations in synaptic curvature in the dentate gyrus following induction of long-term potentiation, long-term depression, and treatment with the N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist CPP (2010-09-16)
Medvedev, N. I.; Popov, V. I.; Dallérac, G.; Davies, H. A.; Laroche, S.; Kraev, I. V.; Roriguez Arellano, J. J.; Doyère, V. and Stewart, M. G.
Neuroscience, 171(2) (pp. 309-397)
The N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist CPP alters synapse and spine structure and impairs long-term potentiation and long-term depression induced morphological plasticity in dentate gyrus of the awake rat (2010-02)
Medvedev, N. I.; Popov, V. I.; Rodriguez Arellano, J. J.; Dallérac, G.; Davies, H. A.; Gabbott, P. L.; Laroche, S.; Kraev, I. V.; Doyère, V. and Stewart, M. G.
Neuroscience, 165(4) (pp. 1170-1181)
Three-dimensional ultrastructural and immunohistochemical study of immature neurons in the subgranular zone of the rat dentate gyrus (2009-08)
Popov, V. I.; Kraev, I. V.; Banks, D.; Davies, H. A.; Morenkov, E. D.; Stewart, M. G. and Fesenko, E. E.
Biophysics, 54(4) (pp. 497-512)
Partial kindling induces neurogenesis, activates astrocytes and alters synaptic morphology in the dentate gyrus of freely moving adult rats (2009)
Kraev, Igor; Godukhin, Oleg V.; Patrushev, Ilya V.; Davies, Heather A.; Popov, Victor I. and Stewart, Michael G.
Neuroscience, 162(2) (pp. 254-267)
Photon radiation-induced structural and functional changes in the myocardium of hypertensive spontaneously hypertensive rats (2008-10)
Santalova, I. M.; Zakharova, N. M.; Khramov, R. N.; Kraev, I. V.; Murashev, A. N.; Averin, A. S. and Fakhranurova, L. I.
Biophysics, 53(5) (pp. 452-456)
A cell adhesion molecule mimetic, FGL peptide, induces alterations in synapse and dendritic spine structure in the dentate gyrus of aged rats: a three-dimensional ultrastructural study (2008)
Popov, Victor I.; Medvedev, Nikolay I.; Kraev, Igor V.; Gabbott, Paul L.; Davies, Heather A.; Lynch, Marina; Cowley, Thelma R.; Berezin, Vladmir; Bock, Elisabeth and Stewart, Michael
European Journal of Neuroscience, 27(2) (pp. 301-314)
Study of nuclear remodeling in reconstructed mouse embryos by optical and electron microscopy (2007-12)
Sviridova-Chailakhyan, T. A.; Kraev, I. V.; Popov, V. I. and Chailakhyan, L. M.
Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics, 417(1) (pp. 306-310)
Protective effect of hypothermia on brain neurons in rats exposed to ionizing radiation (2007-06)
Gordon, R. Ya.; Ignat'ev, D. A.; Mel'nikova, E. V.; Rogachevskii, V. V.; Kraev, I. V. and Khutsyan, S. S.
Biophysics, 52(3) (pp. 344-349)
The effect of hypothermia on the rat radioresistance (2006-11)
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Changes of activity of the protein-synthesizing system of brain neurons of the ground squirrel Citellus undulatus during hibernation and hypothermia (2006-05)
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Effect of ionizing radiation on the protein-synthesizing system of brain neurons of ground squirrels in different functional states (2006-04)
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Chemically induced long-term potentiation increases the number of peforated and complex postsynaptic densities but does not alter dendritic spine volume in CA1 of adult mouse hippocampal slices (2005-06)
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of synapses and dendritic spines in the rat and ground squirrel hippocampus: New structural-functional paradigms for synaptic function (2005-05)
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ISBN : 978-0-12-418675-0 | Publisher : Academic Press | Published : Kidlington
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In: Berezin, Vladimir ed. Structure and Function of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule NCAM. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (pp. 373-383)
ISBN : 978-1-4419-1169-8 | Publisher : Springer | Published : New York

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