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Dr Indra Bandara

Profile summary

  • Regional Academic Staff
  • Staff Tutor in C&C
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Computing & Communications
  • indra.bandara


The emerging trend of blockchain for validating degree apprenticeship certification in cybersecurity education (2018)
Bandara, I.; Ioras, F. and Arraiza, M.P.
In : INTED2018 Proceedings (5-7 Mar 2018, Valencia, Spain) (pp. 7677-7683)
Collaborative Internet of Things (C-IOT): correlation of physiological and performance measure for develop interactivity metric (2016)
Bandara, Indra; Ioras, F. and Kaner, J.
In : ICERI2016 Proceedings (14-16 Nov 2016, Seville, Spain) (pp. 3393-3400)
The Internet of Things (IOT): an empirical study of interaction based system to enhance gamification techniques in Elearning environments (2016)
Bandara, I. and Ioras, F.
In : EDULEARN16 Proceedings (4-6 Jul 2016, Barcelona, Spain) (pp. 964-973)
The evolving challenges of internet of everything: enhancing student performance and employability in higher education (2016)
Bandara, I. and Ioras, F.
In : INTED2016 Proceedings (7-9 Mar 2016, Valencia, Spain) (pp. 652-658)
Visual intelligences method to identify e-learning materials interactivity responsiveness (2015)
Bandara, I.; Ioras, F. and Maher, K.
In : ICERI2015 Proceedings (18-20 Nov 2015, Seville, Spain) (pp. 109-116)
Cyber Security Challenges of Distributed E-Learning Systems (2015)
Bandara, I.; Ioras, I.; Maher, K. and Lusuardi, C.
In : 9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (02-04 Mar 2015, Madrid, Spain) (pp. 4605-4609)
Cyber Security Concerns in E-Learning Education (2014)
Bandara, I.; Ioras, F. and Maher, K.
In : ICERI2014: 7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (17-19 Nov 2014, Seville, Spain) (pp. 0728-0734)

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