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Dr Chris High

Dr Christopher High

Profile summary

  • Visiting Informal Academic
  • Visiting Fellow
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Engineering & Innovation
  • chris.high

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Open Systems Research GroupGroupFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


Old institutions, new challenges: the agricultural knowledge system in Hungary (2013)
Nemes, Gusztáv and High, Christopher
Studies in Agricultural Economics, 115(2) (pp. 76-84)
Using visual products derived from community research to inform natural resource management policy (2012-01)
Petheram, Lisa; Stacey, Natasha; Campbell, Bruce M. and High, Chris
Land Use Policy, 29(1) (pp. 1-10)
Lenses for learning: visual techniques in natural resource planning (2011-10)
Petheram, L.; High, C.; Campbell, B. M. and Stacey, N.
Journal of Environmental Management, 92(10) (pp. 2734-2745)
The politics of performance: Methodological challenges of researching children’s experiences of childhood through the lens of participatory video (2011-05-11)
Lomax, Helen; Fink, Janet; Singh, Namita and High, Chris
International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 14(3) (pp. 231-243)
Importance of Animation Actions in the Operation of Hungarian Local Action Groups (2011)
Katona-Kovács, Judit; High, Chris and Nemes, Gusztáv
European Countryside, 3(4) (pp. 227-240)
'Strange changes': indigenous perspectives of climate change and adaptation in NE Arnhem Land (Australia) (2010-10)
Petheram, L.; Zander, K. K.; Campbell, B. M.; High, C. and Stacey, N.
Global Environmental Change, 20(4) (pp. 681-692)
Shadow spaces for social learning: a relational understanding of adaptive capacity to climate change within organisations (2008)
Pelling, Mark; High, Chris; Dearing, John and Smith, Denis
Environment and Planning A, 40(4) (pp. 867-884)
Social learning in LEADER: Exogenous, endogenous and hybrid evaluation in rural development (2007-04)
High, Chris and Nemes, Gusztáv
Sociologia Ruralis, 47(2) (pp. 103-119)
Understanding adaptation: What can social capital offer assessments of adaptive capacity? (2005-12)
Pelling, Mark and High, Chris
Global Environmental Change, 15(4) (pp. 308-319)
Defining participatory video from practice (2012-08-25)
High, Chris; Singh, Namita; Petheram, Lisa and Nemes, Gusztáv
In: Milne, E-J; Mitchell, Claudia and de Lange, Naydene eds. The Handbook of Participatory Video
ISBN : 978-0-7591-2113-3 | Publisher : AltaMira Press | Published : Lanham, MD, USA
Are shadows dark?: Governance, informal institutions and corruption in rural India (2007)
High, Chris; Slater, Rachel and Rengasamy, S.
In: Cheshire, Lynda; Higgins, Vaughan and Lawrence, Geoffrey eds. Rural Governance: International Perspectives. Routledge Studies in Human Geography
ISBN : 415399599 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon, UK
Reflexive agency and multi-level governance: mediating integrated rural development in South Transdanubia (2006-12)
Nemes, Gustav; High, Chris and Huzair, Farah
In: Cheshire, L.; Higgins, V. and Lawrence, G. eds. Rural Governance: International perspectives. Routledge Studies in Human Geography (pp. 98-115)
ISBN : 978-0-415-39959-3 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : London, UK
Purpose and perspective: using soft systems methods in stakeholder analysis (2009-08)
High, Chris and Nemes, Gusztáv
In : Stakeholder Perspectives in Evaluating Sustainable Development (16-18 Oct 2009, Budapest, Hungary)
Evaluating LEADER: canonical, endogenous and systemic learning (2006-04)
High, Chris and Nemes, Gusztav
In : The Rural Citizen: Governance, Culture and Wellbeing in the 21st Century (5-7 Apr 2006, Plymouth, UK)
Fried eggs and phronesis: ICTS and social learning in rural development (2005-08-22)
High, C.
In : XXI Congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology (22-26 Aug 2005, Keszthely, Hungary)
Understanding informal institutions: Networks and communities in rural development (2005)
High, Chris; Pelling, Mark and Nemes, Gusztav
In : Transition in Agriculture, Agricultural Economics in Transition II, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (28-29 Oct 2005, Budapest, Hungary)
Local agency, adaptation and the shadow system: The institutional architecture of social learning in rural areas of the UK and India (2004)
High, Chris; Pelling, Mark and Rengasamy, S.
In : XI World Congress on Rural Sociology (25-30 July 2004, Trondheim, Norway)
Thaan Vuzha Nilam Tharisu: the land without a farmer becomes barren (2001-12-01)
Rengasamy, S.; Devavaram, J.; Prasad, R.; Erskine, A.; Bala Murugan, P. and High, C.
IIED, London, UK.

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