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Miss Candice Bedford

Profile summary

  • Research Student
  • Research Student
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • candice.bedford

Professional biography

I am a Geochemist whose PhD project studies the cause of geochemical variation across the ancient mudstone, sandstone and conglomerate units in Gale crater, Mars. My research involves untangling the environmental and physical effects from that of the sediment source region to understand more about the crust these sediments were eroded from, the processes that have acted on them from erosion, transport and deposition, and what has happened to them post-deposition. This is accomplished through analytical work on NASA Curiosity rover ChemCam (Chemistry and Camera) instrument data as well as thermochemical hydrous alteration models. Since February 2016 I have been a foreign collaborator on the NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Science Team working with my supervisors Dr Susanne P. Schwenzer and Prof. John C. Bridges (University of Leicester).

My research interests include geochemistry (igneous and aqueous), mineralogy, planetary science and astrobiology. Prior to my PhD I did my undergraduate MSci in Geosciences at Royal Holloway, University of London with an international year at the University of Toronto. My Masters research project studied the geochemical evolution of a Pleistocene volcano near the Reykjanes peninsular in SW Iceland. Studying volcanism in Iceland turned my attention to Martian science as both Iceland and Mars have similar crustal compositions and since then I have been fascinated with Mars exploration and how the discoveries made by previous and current missions have challenged our perception on planetary geology as a whole. Additional to my PhD project, I have also participated in the UK Space Agency Mars Utah Rover Field Investigation (MURFI) which trialled the Exomars Rover PanCam instrument and I also enjoy engaging with the public about Martian science through outreach talks and activities. 

Research interests

Geochemistry, planetary geology, sedimentology, astrobiology, igneous petrology, and astronomy. 


Diagenetic silica enrichment and late-stage groundwater activity in Gale crater, Mars (2017)
Frydenvang, J.; Gasada, P. J.; Hurowitz, J. A.; Grotzinger, J. P-; Wiens, R. C.; Newsom, H. E.; Edgett, K. S.; Watkins, J.; Bridges, J. C.; Maurice, S; Fisk, M. R.; Johnson, J. R.; Rapin, W.; Stein, N. T.; Clegg, S. M.; Schwenzer, Susanne; Bedford, Candice; Edwards, P.; Mangold, N.; Cousin, A.; Anderson, R. B.; Payre, V.; Vaniman, D.; Blake, D. F.; Lanza, N. L.; Gupta, S.; Van Beek, J.; Sautter, V; Meslin, P.-Y.; Rice, M.; Milliken, R.; Gellert, R.; Thompson, L.; Clark, B. C.; Sumner, D. Y.; Fraeman, A. A.; Kinch, K. M.; Madsen, M. B.; Mitrofanov, I. G.; Jun, I.; Calef, F. and Vasavada, A. R.
Geophysical Research Letters ((Early Access))
Igneous compositions preserved in Gale crater's geological record (2017-12)
Bedford, C.C.; Bridges, J.C.; Schwenzer, S.P.; Wiens, R.C.; Rampe, E.B.; Frydenvang, J. and Gasda, P.J.
In : 1st British Planetary Science Congress (3rd-5th December 2017, Glasgow)
Igneous Differentiation of the Martian Crust (2017-12)
Bridges, J.C.; Hicks, L.J.; Bedford, C.; Schwenzer, S.P.; MacArthur, J. and Edwards, P.H.
In : 1st British Planetary Science Congress (3rd-5th December 2017, Glasgow)
The igneous end member compositions preserved in Gale Crater sediments (2017-03)
Bridges, J. C.; Bedford, C. C.; Schwenzer, S. P.; Frydenvang, J.; Thompson, L. and Wiens, R. C.
In : 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (20-24 March 2017, Houston)
UK Space Agency “Mars Utah Rover Field Investigation 2016” (MURFI 2016): overview of mission, aims and progress (2017-03)
Balme, M. R.; Curtis-Rouse, M. C.; Banham, S.; Barnes, D.; Barnes, R.; Bauer, A.; Bedford, C.; Bridges, J.; Butcher, F. E. G.; Caballo, P.; Caldwell, A.; Coates, A.; Cousins, C.; Davis, J.; Dequaire, J.; Edwards, P.; Fawdon, P.; Furuya, K.; Gadd, M.; Get, P.; Griffiths, A.; Grindrod, P. M.; Gunn, M.; Gupta, S.; Hansen, R.; Harris, J. K.; Holt, J.; Huber, B.; Huntly, C.; Hutchinson, I.; Jackson, L.; Kay, S.; Kybert, S.; Lerman, H. N.; McHugh, M.; McMahon, W.; Muller, J.-P.; Paar, G.; Preston, L. J.; Schwenzer, S.; Stabbins, R.; Tao, Y.; Traxler, C; Turner, S.; Tyler, L.; Venn, S.; Walker, H.; Wright, J. and Yeomans, B.
In : 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (20-24 March 2017, Houston)
Assessing Source Region Characteristics from Gale crater Lacustrine mudstone (2017)
Bedford, C. C.; Bridges, J. C.; Schwenzer, S. P.; Wiens, R. C.; Rampe, E. B.; Frydenvang, J. and Gasda, P. J.
In : 7th Astrobiology Society of Britain Conference (13 - 14 September 2017, Milton Keynes, UK)
Geochemical Endmembers preserved in the fluviolacustrine sediments of Gale crater (2017)
Bedford, C. C.; Bridges, J. C.; Schwenzer, S. P.; Wiens, R. C.; Rampe, E. B.; Frydenvang, J. and Gasda, P. J.
In : Fourth International Conference on Early Mars: Geologic, Hydrologic, and Climatic Evolution and the Implications for Life (2 - 6 Oct 2017, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)
Curiosity at Gale Crater's Hematite Ridge: High Mn and P Near the Ridge show Chemical Evidence for Generation by an Oxidation Front (2017)
Wiens, Roger; Meslin, Pierre-Yves; Lanza, Nina; Frydenvang, Jens; Mangold, Nicolas; Johnson, Jeffrey; Fraeman, Abigail; Horgan, Briony; Bedford, Candice; Blaney, Diana; Bridges, John; Cousin, Agnes; Ehlmann, Bethany; Forni, Olivier; Gasda, Patrick; Gasnault, Olivier; Gellert, Ralf; Johnstone, Steve; Lamm, Sarah; Lasue, Jeremie; Le Mouelic, Stephane; Maurice, Sylvestre; Newsome, Horton; Ollila, Ann; Payre, Valerie; Rapin, William; Salvatore, Mark; Schwenzer, Susanne; Thomas, Nancy and Vasavada, Ashwin
In : AGU Fall Meeting (11 - 15 Dec 2017, New Orleans, USA)
Curiosity at Vera Rubin Ridge: Testable Hypotheses, First Results, and Implications for Habitability (2017)
Fraeman, Abigail; Bedford, Candice; Bridges, John; Edgar, Lauren; Hardgrove, Craig; Horgan, Briony; Gabriel, Travis; Grotzinger, John; Gupta, Sanjeev; Johnson, Jeffrey; Rampe, Elizabeth; Morris, Richard; Salvatore, Mark; Schwenzer, Susanne; Stack, Kathryn; Pinet, Patrick; Rubin, David; Weltz, Catherine; Wellington, Danika; Wiens, Roger; Williams, Amy and Vasavada, Ashwin
In : AGU Fall Meeting (11 -15 Dec 2017, New Orleans, USA)
Evolved Igneous Materials in Gale crater, Mars (2017)
Gasda, P. J.; Bridges, J. C.; Sautter, V.; Thompson, L.; Cousin, A.; Mangold, N.; Maurice, S.; Wiens, R. C.; Bedford, C. and Schwenzer, S. P.
In : 80th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society 2017 (23-28 July 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
Compositional End Members in Gale Crater, Mars (2016-08-07)
Bedford, C.C.; Bridges, J.C.; Schwenzer, S.P.; Cousin, A. and Wiens, R.C.
In : 79th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society (7-12 Aug 2016, Berlin, Germany)
An Investigation into Fluorine within Gale Crater and its Implications for Martian Geology (2016-01-22)
Bedford, C.C.; Schwenzer, S.P. and Bridges, J.C.
In : UKPF 13th Annual Early Career Scientists' Meetings (22 January 2016, University of Leicester)
Compositional End Members in Gale Crater, Mars (2016)
Bedford, Candice; Bridges, John; Schwenzer, Susanne and Wiens, Roger
In : Extraterrestrial Materials Research Meeting (1 Nov 2016, Manchester, UK)
Compositional End Members in Gale Crater, Mars (2016)
Bedford, Candice; Bridges, John; Schwenzer, Susanne and Wiens, Roger
In : Crustal Differentiation on Mars: A new View of the Red Planet Forty Years after Viking (11 Nov 2016, London, UK)

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