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Dr Adrian Stuart Poulton

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Lecturer in Embedded Systems
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Computing & Communications
  • adrian.poulton

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
CRC (LM & KT): NeXt Generation Multimedia TechnologiesGroupFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


Externally funded projects

A functional electrical stimulation plantarflexion system for bone health maintenance in spinal cord injury patients

RoleStart dateEnd dateFunding source
Lead01/Oct/201330/Sep/2016EPSRC EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
There are an estimated 40,000 spinal cord injured people in the UK and a new person is injured every eight hours. Many primary causes of death are now no longer direct results of spinal cord injury but are conditions linked to age and inactivity. This means that there are long-term demands on medical support; in particular, treatment of osteoporotic bone fractures often results in lengthy spells in hospital for individuals with spinal cord injury. It is therefore important to minimize the effect of osteoporosis after spinal cord injury; this highlights the need for exercise programmes to target bone health. The proposed research aims to develop our understanding of how different types of weight bearing exercise can improve and maintain bone health in the lower extremities of spinal cord injury patients. The type of exercises proposed require a standing frame to maintain balance and a functional electrical stimulation system to stimulate muscles in the lower limbs to transfer weight from the heel to the ball of the foot and from one leg to the other. The hypothesis is that this will induce sufficient joint contact forces to be beneficial for bone health in the ankle, knee and hip joints. Using biomechanical modelling software an optimal combination of these exercises will be sought in order to design a rehabilitation programme to target bone health. To be beneficial to bone health, these exercises need to be repeated daily. Rehabilitation aids using video game technology will be developed to keep patients motivated.


Novel instrumented frame for standing exercising of users with complete spinal cord injuries (2019)
Zoulias, Ioannis D.; Armengol, Monica; Poulton, Adrian; Andrews, Brian; Gibbons, Robin; Harwin, William S. and Holderbaum, William
Scientific Reports, 9, Article 13003
A cell range expansion framework for closed access femtocell networks (2017-04-30)
Tariq, Faisal; Dooley, Laurence; Allen, Ben; Poulton, Adrian and Liu, Enjie
Wireless Personal Communications, 93(3) (pp. 601-614)
Use of accelerometers in the control of practical prosthetic arms (2017-04-12)
Kyberd, Peter J and Poulton, Adrian
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 25(10) (pp. 1884-1891)
An interference-aware virtual clustering paradigm for resource management in cognitive femtocell networks (2014-02-28)
Tariq, Faisal; Dooley, Laurence and Poulton, Adrian
Computers & Electrical Engineering, 40(2) (pp. 587-598)
The ToMPAW modular prosthesis - a platform for research in upper limb prosthetics (2007-01)
Kyberd, Peter J.; Poulton, Adrian S.; Sandsjo, Leif; Jonsson, Stewe; Jones, Ben and Gow, David
Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics, 19(1) (pp. 15-21)
Technical note: A wireless telemetry system for training users of upper limb prostheses (2002)
Kyberd, P.J.; Winkel, S.T. and Poulton, A.
Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 26(1) (pp. 78-81)
FES Indoor Rowing and On-water Sculling (2008)
Andrews, B. J.; Hettinga, D.; Gibbons, R.; Goodey, S. and Poulton, A.
In: Langdon, P.; Clarkson, J. and Robinson, P. eds. Designing Inclusive Futures(Part IV) (pp. 207-214)
ISBN : 978-1-84800-210-4 | Publisher : Springer | Published : London, UK
Progress of a modular prosthetic arm (2002)
Poulton, A.S.; Kyberd, P.J. and Gow, D.
In: Keates, S.; Langdon, P.; Clarkson, P.J. and Robinson, P. eds. Universal access and assistive technology: proceedings of the Cambridge Workshop on UA and AT '02 (pp. 193-200)
ISBN : 1852335955 | Publisher : Springer | Published : London
Towards the Development of Full Motion FES Rowing with Accurate Ergometry: RowStim IV (2018-10-16)
Andrews, Brian J.; Gibbons, Robin; Goodey, Simon; Poulton, Adrian and Shippen, James
In : International Conference on Neurorehabilitation ICNR 2018 (16-20 Oct 2018, Pisa, Italy) (pp. 917-921)
FES rehabilitation platform with real-time control and performance feedback. (2017-07-17)
Zoulias, I. D.; Armengol, M.; Gibbons, R.; Poulton, A.; Andrews, B. and Holderbaum, W.
In : International FES Society Annual Conference (IFESS 2017) (17-20 Jul 2017, London)
Traffic-and-interference aware base station switching for green cellular networks (2013-09-25)
Alam, Atm Shafiul; Dooley, Laurence S. and Poulton, Adrian S.
In : 18th IEEE International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD 2013) (25-27 Sep 2013, Berlin, Germany)
Analysis of coverage range expansion in closed access cognitive femtocell networks (2013-06-25)
Tariq, Faisal; Dooley, Laurence and Poulton, Adrian
In : Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications Symposium (WPMC'13) (24-27 Jun 2013, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA)
Energy Efficient Relay-Assisted Cellular Network Model using Base Station Switching (2012-12)
Alam, Atm S.; Dooley, Laurence S. and Poulton, Adrian S.
In : IEEE Global Telecommunications (GLOBECOM 2012): 2nd International Workshop on Multicell Cooperation (3-7 Dec 2012, Anaheim (California), USA)
Energy savings using an adaptive base station-to-relay station switching paradigm (2012-10)
Alam, Atm Shafiul; Dooley, Laurence S.; Poulton, Adrian S. and Ji, Yusheng
In : International Conference on Wireless Communications and Signal Processing (WCSP'12) (25-27 Oct 2012, Huangshan, China)
Evaluation of a modular prosthetic arm (2012-05-21)
Poulton, Adrian and Kyberd, Peter
In : Trent International Prosthetic Symposium TIPS 2012 (21-23 May 2012, Loughborough, UK)
The use of multiple sensors in the control of prosthetic arms (2012-05-21)
Kyberd, Peter and Poulton, Adrian
In : Trent International Prosthetic Symposium TIPS 2012 (21-23 May 2012, Loughborough, UK)
Virtual clustering for resource management in cognitive femtocell networks (2011-10-07)
Tariq, Faisal; Dooley, Laurence S. and Poulton, Adrian
In : 3rd International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Systems (ICUMT) (5-7 Oct 2011, Budapest, Hungary)
Manual control of 4ch FES rowing (2011-09)
Gibbons, R.; Sareh, S.; Poulton, A. and Andrews, B. J.
In : 16th IFESS Annual Conference, 2011: Electrical Stimulation and the Anthropological “Post-Human” Body (8-11 Sep 2011, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Dynamic fractional frequency reuse based hybrid resource management for femtocell networks (2011-07-05)
Tariq, F.; Dooley, L.; Poulton, A. and Ji, Y.
In : The 7th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC 2011) (5-8 Jul 2011, Istanbul, Turkey)
Dynamic spectrum access based on cognitive radio within cellular networks (2011-06-20)
Alam, Atm Shafiul; Dooley, Laurence S. and Poulton, Adrian
In : 7th IEEE International Conference on Wireless Advanced (20-22 Jun 2011, London)
Electromagnetic compatibility in myoelectrode amplifiers: Isolation, impedance and CMRR (2010-05)
Poulton, Adrian
In : International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics 13th World Congress (10-15 May 2010, Leipzig, Germany)
Control strategies adopted by elite FES rowers (2008-09)
Sareh, Sina; Andrews, Brian J; Green, Matthew and Poulton, Adrian S
In : 13th Annual Conference of the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society (21-25 Sep 2008, Freiburg, Germany)
Myoelectric electrode amplifiers: rejection of unwanted common mode signals (2008-08)
Poulton, Adrian
In : Myoelectric Controls Symposium MEC 08 (13-15 Aug 2008, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada)
Estimation of control strategies adopted by elite FES rowers (2008-06)
Green, Matthew; Andrews, Brian; Poulton, Adrian; Goodey, Simon and Gibbons, Robin
In : 17th International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology conference (18-21 Jun 2008, Niagara Falls, Canada)
FES rowing after spinal cord injury (2006-06-29)
Poulton, A. S.; Andrews, B.; Hettinga, D. and Paton, R.
In : Proceedings of the XVIth Congress of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (29 Jun - 1 Jul 2006, Turin, Italy)
Network technologies for intelligent modular prostheses (2004-06-18)
Poulton, A.S.; Hill, S. and Binnie, D.
In : 15th Congress of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (18-21 Jun 2004, Boston, USA) (p 254)
A simple to program but sophisticated distributed control system for surface FES applications [poster presentation] (2004)
Poulton, A.S. and Andrews, B.J.
In : Proceedings of IFESS-FESnet 2004 (6-9 Sep 2004, Bournemouth, UK)

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