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Dr Amir Shirzadi

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of Engineering & Innovation
  • amir.shirzadi

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Materials Engineering GroupGroupFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology


Layered Structures of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy and Metal Matrix Composites on Its Base Joint by Diffusion Bonding and Friction Welding (2019-08)
Prikhodko, SV; Savvakin, DG; Markovsky, PE; Stasiuk, OO; Enzinger, N; Deley, F; Flipo, B; Shirzadi, AA; Davies, HM; Davies, PD; Penny, J; Bozhilov, K and Ivasishin, OM
Microscopy and Microanalysis, 25(S2) (pp. 812-813)
A new method for liquid-phase bonding of copper plates to aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates used in high-power modules (2019-04)
Terasaki, Nobuyuki; Ohashi, Touyou; Nagatomo, Yoshiyuki; Kuromitsu, Yoshirou and Shirzadi, Amir A.
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 30(7) (pp. 6552-6555)
Development of Auto Ejection Melt Spinning (AEMS) and its application in fabrication of cobalt-based ribbons (2019-02)
Shirzadi, A. A.; Kozieł, T.; Cios, G. and Bała, P.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology (pp. 377-381)
Mechanical Properties and Processing Techniques of Bulk Metal–Organic Framework Glasses (2019)
Li, Shichun; Limbach, René; Longley, Louis; Shirzadi, Amir A.; Walmsley, John C.; Johnstone, Duncan N.; Midgley, Paul A.; Wondraczek, Lothar and Bennett, Thomas D.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141(2) (pp. 1027-1034)
Modelling and design of new stainless-steel welding alloys suitable for low-deformation repairs and restoration processes (2019)
Shirzadi, Amir
Procedia Manufacturing ((In Press))
Gallium-assisted diffusion bonding of stainless steel to titanium; microstructural evolution and bond strength (2018-12-31)
Shirzadi, Amir A.; Laik, Arijit; Tewari, Raghvendra; Orsborn, Jonathan and Dey, Gautam K.
Materialia, 4 (pp. 115-126)
Residual stress control of multipass welds using low transformation temperature fillers (2018)
Moat, R. J.; Ooi, S.; Shirzadi, A. A.; Dai, H.; Mark, A. F.; Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H. and Withers, P. J.
Materials Science and Technology, 34(5) (pp. 519-528)
Measurement of residual stresses in dissimilar friction stir-welded aluminium and copper plates using the contour method (2018)
Zhang, Chengcong and Shirzadi, Amir A.
Science and Technology of Welding and Joining, 23(5) (pp. 394-399)
Effect of Silicon Content on Carbide Precipitation and Low-Temperature Toughness of Pressure Vessel Steels (2017-05)
Ruan, L. H.; Wu, K. M.; Qiu, J. A.; Shirzadi, A. A. and Rodionova, I. G.
Metal Science and Heat Treatment, 59(1-2) (pp. 97-101)
Novel method for refinement of retained austenite in micro/nano-structured bainitic steels (2017)
Hu, F.; Wu, K. M.; Wan, X. L.; Rodionova, I.; Shirzadi, A. A. and Zhang, F. C.
Materials Science and Technology, 33(11) (pp. 1360-1365)
Effect of Cu addition on microstructure and impact toughness in the simulated coarse-grained heat-affected zone of high-strength low-alloy steels (2016-10-20)
Huang, G.; Wan, X. L.; Wu, K. M.; Isayev, O.; Hress, O.; Rodionova, I. and Shirzadi, A. A.
Materials Science and Technology, 33(5) (pp. 602-614)
Effect of Zr-Ti combined deoxidation on the microstructure and mechanical properties of high-strength low-alloy steels (2016-04)
Li, Y.; Wan, X. L.; Lu, W. Y.; Shirzadi, A. A.; Isayev, O.; Hress, O. and Wu, K. M.
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 659 (pp. 179-187)
Microstructure and Interfacial Reactions During Vacuum Brazing of Stainless Steel to Titanium Using Ag-28 pct Cu Alloy (2015)
Laik, A.; Shirzadi, A. A.; Sharma, G.; Tewari, R.; Jayakumar, T. and Dey, G. K.
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 46(2) (pp. 771-782)
In situ observation of bainite to austenite transformation of microalloyed high strength steel during simulated welding cycle (2014-07)
Lei, X. W.; Wang, H. H.; Wu, K. M.; Shirzadi, A. A.; Yin, Y. Q. and Wu, N. C.
Science and Technology of Welding and Joining, 19(5) (pp. 402-407)
Effect of Tempering Temperature on the Microstructure and Hardness of a Super-bainitic Steel Containing Co and Al (2014-06-05)
Hu, Feng; Wu, Kaiming; Hou, Tingping and Shirzadi, Amir Abbas
ISIJ International, 54(4) (pp. 926-931)
Refinement of retained austenite in super-bainitic steel by a deep cryogenic treatment (2014-02-18)
Hu, Feng; Wu, Kaiming; Hodgson, Peter Damian and Shirzadi, Amir Abbas
ISIJ International, 54(1) (pp. 222-226)
Tempering stability of retained austenite in nanostructured dual-phase steels (2013-08)
Hu, Feng; Wu, Kaiming; Hou, Tingping and Shirzadi, Amir A.
Materials Science and Technology, 29(8) (pp. 947-953)
Microstructure and interfacial reactions during active metal brazing of stainless steel to titanium (2013-05)
Laik, A.; Shirzadi, A. A.; Tewari, R. and Kumar, Anish
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 44(5) (pp. 2212-2225)
Effect of SiC reinforcement particles on the grain density in a magnesium-based metal-matrix composite: modelling and experiment (2012-01-31)
Lelito, Janusz; Zak, Pawel L.; Shirzadi, Amir A.; Greer, A. Lindsay; Krajewski, Witold K.; Suchy, Jozef S.; Haberl, Katharina and Schumacher, Peter
Acta Materialia, 60(6-7) (pp. 2950-2958)
Crystallization model of magnesium primary phase in the AZ91/SiC composite (2012)
Lelito, J.; Zak, P. L.; Greer, A. L.; Suchy, J. S.; Krajewski, W. K.; Gracz, B.; Szucki, M. and Shirzadi, A. A.
Composites Part B: Engineering, 43(8) (pp. 3306-3309)
Influence of Co and Al on pearlitic transformation in superbainitic steels (2012)
Hu, F.; Wu, K. M. and Shirzadi, A. A.
Ironmaking & Steelmaking, 39(7) (pp. 535-539)
Combined effect of stress and strain on crystallographic orientation of bainite (2011-10)
Shirzadi, A. A.; Abreu, H.; Cayron, C. and Ubhi, S.
Ironmaking & Steelmaking, 38(7) (pp. 519-524)
Design of weld fillers for mitigation of residual stresses in ferritic and austenitic steel welds (2011-04)
Moat, R. J.; Stone, H. J.; Shirzadi, A. A.; Francis, J. A.; Kundu, S.; Mark, A. F.; Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H.; Karlsson, L. and Withers, P. J.
Science and Technology of Welding & Joining, 16(3) (pp. 279-284)
Accumulation of stress in constrained assemblies: novel Satoh test configuration (2010-05-24)
Shirzadi, A. A. and Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H.
Science and Technology of Welding & Joining, 15(6) (pp. 497-499)
Stainless steel weld metal designed to mitigate residual stresses (2009-03-19)
Shirzadi, A. A.; Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H.; Karlsson, L. and Withers, P. J.
Science and Technology of Welding & Joining, 14(6) (pp. 559-565)
Bainite orientation in plastically deformed austenite (2009-01)
Shirzadi, A. A.; Abreu, H.; Pocock, L.; Klobčar, D.; Withers, P. J. and Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H.
International Journal of Materials Research (formerly Zeitschrift fuer Metallkunde), 100(1) (pp. 40-45)
Joining ceramics to metals using metallic foam (2008)
Shirzadi, A. A.; Zhu, Y. and Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H.
Materials Science and Engineering: A, 496(1-2) (pp. 501-506)
Structural Alloys for Power Plants: Operational Challenges and High-Temperature Materials (2014)
Shirzadi, Amir and Jackson, Sue
Shirzadi, Amir and Jackson, Susan eds.
ISBN : 978-0-85709-238-0 | Publisher : Elsevier Ltd.
Austenite memory and variant selection in a novel martensitic welding alloy (2015-07-01)
Ooi, Steve; Shirzadi, Amir and Yang, Jianguo
In : Joint 3rd UK-China Steel Research Forum (10-11 Jul 2014, Harwell) (S325-S331)
Neural network modelling of hot deformation of austenite (2010-11-15)
Peet, M.J. and Shirzadi, Amir
In : 6th International Conference on Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing (16-19 Nov 2010, Guilin, China)
Comparison of alloying concepts for Low Transformation Temperature (LTT) welding consumables (2010)
Karlsson, L.; Mráz, L.; Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H and Shirzadi, A. A.
In : Advanced Welding Technologies (19-21 Oct 2010, Sosnowiec, Poland)
Modelling of residual stress minimization through martensitic transformation in stainless steel welds (2010)
Dai, H.; Mark, A. F.; Moat, R.; Shirzadi, A. A.; Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H.; Karlsson, L. and Withers, P. J.
In : 9th International Seminar on ‘Numerical analysis of weldability’ (28-30 Sep 2009, Graz, Austria,)

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