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Readapting Propp’s character archetypes to explore the relational dimension of city data: a design-oriented approach (2020-08-02)
Lupi, Lucia and Antonini, Alessio
DISEÑA(16) (pp. 200-229)

Understanding the phenomenology of reading through modelling (2020)
Antonini, Alessio; Suárez-Figueroa, Mari Carmen; Adamou, Alessandro; Benatti, Francesca; Vignale, François; Gravier, Guillaume and Lupi, Lucia
Semantic Web Journal ((Early Access))

Actionable Open Data: Connecting City Data to Local Actions (2020)
Lupi, Lucia; Antonini, Alessio; De Liddo, Anna and Motta, Enrico
Journal of Community Informatics, 16 ((In Press))

On Links To Be: Exercises in Style #2 (2020-07-13)
Antonini, Alessio; Benatti, Francesca and Blackburn-Daniels, Sally
In : 31st ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT’20) (13-15 Jul 2020, Online)

Mediation as Calibration: A Framework for Evaluating the Author/Reader Relation (2020)
Antonini, Alessio and Brooker, Sam
In : Proceedings of the 31st ACM HyperText (13-15 Jul 2020, Orlando, Florida, USA) ((In Press))

Social AI for Engaging UbiComp (2019-11-19)
Antonini, Alessio and Lupi, Lucia
In : Halfway to the Future (19-20 Nov 2019, Nottingham, UK)

All We Do is "Stalking": Studying New Forms of Reading in Social Networks (2019-09)
Antonini, Alessio; Gomez Mejia, Gustavo and Lupi, Lucia
In : HyperText 2019 (17-20 Sep 2019, Hof, Germany)

City Planning and Urban Informatics: misalignments, convergences, and potential future direction for web-based technologies (2019)
Lupi, Lucia and Antonini, Alessio
In : 16th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management (8-12 Jul 2019, Wuhan, China)

Developing a meta-language in multidisciplinary research projects: the case study of READ-IT (2019)
Antonini, Alessio and Lupi, Lucia
In : Exploring the Intersection of Philosophy and HCI - CHI 2019 (4-05-2019, Glasgow, UK)

Reading in Europe - Challenge and Case Studies of READ-IT Project (2019)
Vignale, François; Benatti, Francesca and Antonini, Alessio
In : Digital Humanities Conference 2019 (9-12 Jul 2019, Utrecht, Netherland)

Modelling Changes in Diaries, Correspondence and Authors’ Libraries to support research on reading: the READ-IT approach (2019)
Antonini, Alessio; Benatti, Francesca; King, Edmund; François, Vignale and Guillaume, Gravier
In : Open Data and Ontologies for Cultural Heritage (ODOCH'19) (3 - Jun -2019, Rome, Italy)

Circuits, Cycles, Configurations: an Interaction Model of Web Comics
Antonini, Alessio; Brooker, Sam and Benatti, Francesca
In : The 13th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (3-6 Nov 2020, Bournemouth, UK)

The Model of Reading: Modelling principles, Definitions, Schema, Alignments (2019)
Antonini, Alessio; Vignale, François; Guillaume, Gravier and Brigitte, Ouvry-Vial

From Service to Data Infrastructure - The Transition from MK Intelligence Observatory to MK:Insight (2018-11-27)
Lupi, Lucia and Antonini, Alessio
Alessio Antonini