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Dr Alec Goodyear

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Materials Engineering GroupGroupFaculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology
Plasma Science and Engineering Research GroupGroupFaculty of Science


Influence of the ion bombardment of O2 plasmas on low-k materials (2011-10-31)
Verdonck, Patrick; Šamara, Vladimir; Goodyear, Alec; Ferchichi, Abdelkarim; Van Besien, Els; Baklanov, Mikhail R. and Braithwaite, Nicholas
Thin Solid Films, 520(1) (pp. 464-468)
Comparison of an self-organizing migration algorithm with simulated annealing and differential evolution for automated waveform tuning (2005-10)
Nolle, L.; Zellinka, I.; Hopgood, A. A. and Goodyear, A.
Advances in Engineering Software, 36(10) (pp. 645-653)
The Influence of diffusion of fluorine compounds for silicon lateral etching (2004-07-01)
Verdonck, Partick; Goodyear, Alec and Braithwaite, Nicholas St John
Thin Solid Films, 459(1-2) (pp. 141-144)
Automated control of an actively compensated Langmuir probe system using simulated annealing (2002-07)
Nolle, L.; Goodyear, A.; Hopgood, A.A.; Picton, P.D. and Braithwaite, N.St.J
Knowledge-Based Systems, 15(5-6) (pp. 349-354)
The Role of ions in the plasma polymerization of allylamine (2001-06)
Beck, Alison J.; Candan, Sennur; Short, Robert D.; Goodyear, Alec and Braithwaite, Nick St.J.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 105(24) (pp. 5730-5736)
The philosophy and pedagogy of practical work for engineering undergraduates and the potential for online practical activities to enhance their experience - An exploratory workshop (2012-09-20)
Endean, Mark; Goodyear, Alec; James, Jon; Kowal, Jan and Williams, Keith
In : EE 2012 - International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in Engineering Education, Conference Proceedings (18-20 September 2012, Coventry University)

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