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The Orchestrated Guitar (2019-06)
Jones, Allan
Soundboard, 45(2) (pp. 32-37)
Exceptionalism and the broadcasting of science (2017-07-20)
Jones, Allan
Journal of Science Communication, 16, Article A05(3)
[Book review] Digital technology and the contemporary university: degrees of digitization (2016-09-09)
Jones, Allan
Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-learning, 31(3) (pp. 288-290)
J.G. Crowther’s War: Institutional strife at the BBC and British Council (2016-06)
Jones, Allan
British Journal for the History of Science, 49(2) (pp. 259-278)
[Book review] Russia in the Microphone Age: A History of Soviet Radio, 1919-1970 by Stephen Lovell (2016-03-10)
Jones, Allan
Reviews in History, Article 1907
Brains, Tortoises, and Octopuses: Postwar Interpretations of Mechanical Intelligence on the BBC (2016)
Jones, Allan
Information and Culture: A Journal of History, 51(1) (pp. 81-101)
Social technologies for online learning: theoretical and contextual issues (2016)
Kear, Karen; Jones, Allan; Holden, Georgina and Curcher, Mark
Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning, 31(1) (pp. 42-53)
[Book review] Broadcasting Empire: The BBC and the British World, 1922-1970, by Simon J. Potter (2015-07)
Jones, Allan
Technology and Culture, 56(3) (pp. 770-772)
Elite science and the BBC: a 1950s contest of ownership (2014-12)
Jones, Allan
British Journal for the History of Science, 47(4) (pp. 701-723)
From denationalisation to wholesale broadband access: a retrospective of regulatory policies in the UK for the communications industry (2014)
Deshpande, Advait and Jones, Allan
Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, 15(3) (pp. 232-257)
Clogging the machinery: the BBC's experiment in science coordination, 1949–1953 (2013-10)
Jones, Allan
Media History, 19(4) (pp. 436-449)
Mary Adams and the producer’s role in early BBC science broadcasts (2012-10-14)
Jones, Allan
Public Understanding of Science, 21(8) (pp. 968-983)
Digital technologies: help or hindrance for the humanities? (2012-02)
Barker, Elton; Bissell, Christopher; Hardwick, Lorna; Jones, Allan; Ridge, Mia and Wolffe, John
Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 11(1-2) (pp. 185-200)
The social construction of educational technology through the use of authentic software tools (2011)
Jones, Allan and Bissell, Christopher
Research in Learning Technology, 19(3) (pp. 285-297)
Five 1951 BBC Broadcasts on Automatic Calculating Machines (2004-06)
Jones, Allan
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing, 26(2) (pp. 3-15)
Science, the BBC and the two cultures (2016)
Jones, Allan
In: Medhurst, Jamie; Nicholas, Sian and O’Malley, Tom eds. Broadcasting in the UK and US in the 1950s: historical perspectives (pp. 101-120)
ISBN : 1443888990 | Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing | Published : Newcastle upon Tyne
An Open Networking Lab for practical open education (2019)
Kear, Karen; Smith, Andrew; Donelan, Helen; Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Jones, Allan; Rosewell, Jonathan; Wermelinger, Michel; Connolly, Teresa; Sanders, Chris; Peasgood, Alice; Williams, Judith; Moss, Nicky and Third, Allan
In : OER19: Recentering Open (10-11 Apr 2019, National University of Ireland, Galway)
Apparent asymmetry in discriminating between two closely spaced pitches (2019)
Seaton, Richard; Sharp, David; Jones, Allan and Pim, Dennis
In : Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics Annual Conference (Acoustics 2019) (13-14 May 2019, Milton Keynes) (pp. 302-309)
The Open Networking Lab: Hands-on Vocational Learning in Computer Networking (2018-10)
Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Kear, Karen; Smith, Andrew; Jones, Allan; Rosewell, Jonathan; Donelan, Helen; Wermelinger, Michel; Sanders, Chris; Third, Allan and Connolly, Teresa
In : IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE) (3-6 Oct 2018, San Jose, California, USA)
Open Networking Lab: online practical learning of computer networking (2018-10)
Rosewell, Jonathan; Kear, Karen; Jones, Allan; Smith, Andrew; Donelan, Helen; Mikroyannidis, Alexander; Peasgood, Alice; Sanders, Chris; Third, Allan; Wermelinger, Michel; Moss, Nicky; Williams, Judith and Connolly, Teresa
In : The Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference: Blended and online Learning: Changing the Educational Landscape (10-12 Oct 2018, Aarhus University, Denmark)
The Open Networking Lab: an open online course for experiential learning of computer networking (2018)
Kear, Karen; Smith, Andrew; Mikroyannidis, Alex; Jones, Allan; Rosewell, Jon; Donelan, Helen; Wermelinger, Michel; Sanders, Chris; Third, Allan and Connolly, Teresa
In : Association for Learning Technology (ALT) annual conference 2018 (11-13 Sep 2018, Manchester)
Experiments with Choirs – Practice and Pitfalls (2016-09-06)
Seaton, Richard; Sharp, D.; Jones, A. and Pim, D. N.
In : Acoustics 2016 (5-6 Sep 2016, Chesford Grange, Kenilworth, Warwickshire) (pp. 362-373)
‘Science In The Making’: a 1931/32 BBC experiment in citizen science (2014-09-06)
Jones, Allan
In : Sixth International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science (4-6 Sep 2014, Lisbon, Portugal)
Henri Sauguet's unpublished guitar music (2014-03)
Jones, Allan
In : Launch of the International Guitar Research Centre (29-30 Mar 2014, University of Surrey)
The Changing World: The BBC’s educational response to the economic crisis of 1931 (2013-09-06)
Jones, Allan
In : History of the Media in Transition Periods (4-6 Sep 2013, Catholic University of Portugal/Lisbon)
Open resources for case studies and assignments (2012-09-28)
Jones, Allan; Bissell, Christopher and Chapman, David
In : EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities) 25th Annual Conference 2012 ‘The role of open and flexible education in European higher education systems for 2020: new models, new markets, new media’ (27-28 Sep 2012, Paphos, Cyprus)
Joe Trenaman’s investigation of BBC listeners’ understanding of science (2012-07-12)
Jones, Allan
In : Seventh British-North American Joint Meeting of the BSHS, CSHPS, and HSS (11-14 Jul 2012, Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Social networking for online learning (2011-10-27)
Kear, Karen and Jones, Allan
In : Alta 2011 (Advanced learning Technologies and Applications, 2011) (27 Oct 2011, Kaunas, Lithuania)
Science, the 1930s and the BBC: competition and collaboration (2010-07-07)
Jones, Allan
In : Broadcasting in the 1930s: New Media in a Time of Crisis (part of “On, Archives!” conference) (6-9 Jul 2010, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
BBC science: a question of control (2008-11-26)
Jones, Allan
In : Second Conference of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) (25-28 Nov 2008, Barcelona, Spain)
Proprietary software tools as learning aids (2007-06-27)
Jones, Allan
In : AACE Ed-Media 2007 (25-29 Jun s 2007, Vancouver, Canada)
Cyril Scott, Segovia and the Sonatina for Guitar (2004)
Jones, Allan
In : Symposium of the International Musicological Society (SIMS 2004) (11-16 Jul 2004, Melbourne, Australia)
Pioneers on the air: BBC radio broadcasts on computers and A.I., 1946-56 (2002-11)
Jones, Allan
In : 6th International Colloquium of ACONIT (Association pour un Conservatoire de l'Informatique et de la Telematique (25-27 Nov 2002, Grenoble, France)

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